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Response Team Training

Response Team Training

Rev. Elizabeth Dilley, Minister for Ministers in Local Churches and MESA – Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization Team Member of the United Church of Christ, came to Nebraska from the United Church of Christ's National Office to keynote the 2014 two-day Response Team Training that was held at Embassy Suites and Conference Center in Omaha, Nebraska on November 14th and 15th. This training aids individuals in the oversight of ministries authorized by the United Church of Christ by:

"supporting and equipping its leaders while remaining faithful to the high standards and integrity of a ministry which is not ours, but God's.  "Oversight" is used because it conveys the commitment of the United Church of Christ to nurture those called to ministerial leadership, while at the same time holding one another to account for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the whole people of God."

"This resource is fundamentally about strengthening and equipping the ministries of the church so that they continue to be effective and embody the integrity God requires.  The oversight of ministries requiring authorization by the United Church of Christ is about care and nurture.  The oversight of ministries is about seeing what is most important and essential for the conduct of ministry.  It is about supervision as a sacred responsibility to be carried out in a context of prayerfulness and candor as the Association Committee on the Ministry seeks to discern the Holy Spirit's leading in each instance."

- excerpts from Chapter 8, "THE OVERSIGHT of Ministries Authorized by the United Church of Christ - Nurture and Accountability for Authorized Ministry - A Section of United Church of Christ MANUAL ON MINISTRY - Perspectives and Procedures for Ecclesiastical Authorization of Ministry, produced by Parish Life and Leadership Ministry, Local Church Ministries, A Covenanted Ministry of the United Church of Christ

Topics of this training included:

The United Church of Christ Ordained Minister's Code
Ministerial Code of Ethics for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Oversight Proceedings in the UCC
Fitness Review Process 
Interview Strategies
Role Play Activity for Response Teams
Below you will find a file of materials used by Rev. Elizabeth Dilley in this training.  Please contact the Nebraska Conference Office if you would be interested in participating in future Response Team training sessions; uccneb@uccnebraska.org.
Also, please enjoy the pictures taken during this training to give you the "feel" of the event.